Introducing Lea Brave in "Winter Blooms"

A poem about change for children and the adults who read to them…
What a marvelous, scrumptious, mighty cool day!
Leaves are flying every which way.
They snap, pop and fly off the trees.
Swirling, twirling, dancing with ease.

I scream.

We go for a walk and I’m all bundled up.
A warm comfy blanket and a bright sippy cup.
I see piles and piles of multi-colored leaves.
Red, yellow, orange, brown and green.

I sing.

A few big leaves fall into my stroller.
Pick one up to give to Mrs. Broder.
My teacher says four seasons come and go.
Saying goodbye is saying hello.

I go.

Every thing, everything must change, Mom explains.

Just before we turn to go back
Mom stops short, frozen in her tracks-
Bending way over, I am trying to see-
What’s that? What’s that? I plead.

My goodness! she exclaims
This is really very strange!

Out of my stroller, she points me to the bush

The leaves are gone, but take a good look!
Dead in the center is a very unexpected thing
Growing right there is a little patch of Spring!

Tiny fresh buds all dressed in pink-
Maybe five or six of them nestled in green!

Amazing! We both say, simultaneously.

After that, we could not leave that spot.

Everything for that moment had just stopped.

Until a neighbor passed us by
He began to look at the bush that had stolen our eyes
After staring at Spring for a second or two-
He and my mother didn’t quite know what to do.

So, we kept walking further a way.

Back in the stroller, I continued to sing

I screamed.

Red, brown, orange, yellow and green.

While the super strong sun got my legs hot
I took off the blanket and asked my mother to stop
Let’s change the song! I started to say –
Isn’t it time to sing a slightly different way?

I think.

Red, brown, orange, yellow, green and PINK!

Come on Mom, sing this new song with me!
Red, brown, orange, yellow, green and PINK!

Mommy got caught a bit by surprise-
Startled, she looked deep, deep into my eyes.
She knew just then that somehow I knew
That perhaps this winter –

Pink flowers will bloom.