New Aged Philanthropy

The motivation is not the same
It is not my voice that I seek
But the voice of another, my adversary
Not my friend, Hope
But the imprisoned me.

With all my might I reach and stretch
Into strength I pull with clenched teeth
Stand as I may to fight your good fight-
I cannot and I’m failed again.
Just another borrowed claim-
Underground the cellar door agape.

It is not my arrogance or shame
My wisdom tells me not
Compassion, if you will, is the not the same
Compassion burns transparent
Knots to knot to not.
Empathy or to blame?
Indifference of the same?

It is simply mercy, mercy please
My shadow self in you is crying!
I no longer can stand by complacent.
If it is not I that can rescue you, who?
Tell me, angels, what shall I do?
Isn’t that what love tells us to do?

And my far angel replies. Tonight.
Tonight, my child.

At night I am given a different tool.
I am told to meet He-She beyond the beyond Way
There I will be told of secret runes
There I am told we won’t be alone
Somehow we’ll cross borders and meet through
Future and presents past
Zip, zap, zoom and we’ll blast
Snowflakes, I might see, turned rain
Beating hard against the window pane-
Come back! Come back! I might yell.

Lay me down to this twist of time
Like fate undone, a wrinkle, a sound
I’ll wonder now who and what we really are
And pray to know the location of that far way star.

Wish I may and wish I might
Have I been given the wish tonight?

Each night, now before I wake-
I ask HeShe for guidance sake
There we meet and within this light
I am told that love is a different plight.
It is not about fighting another’s fight
Or removing him or her from pain.
But meeting these brotherhood souls at night.
Where light breeds light and warm is free
Where I have learned that I can’t change thee.

This is the key.

Thank you to all who attended the first round table dialogue.

One response to “New Aged Philanthropy”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Soulfully Brilliant ! What else can I say when words fail to convey how moved I was by Dr. Rios’s abilty to express such an ability to speak from her soul to all of our souls.Please keep your poems coming and thanks for posting such honest words and for all the work you to do try to make this planet a better place and for humanity overall !