For Gandhi, Anais Nin and Maria Montessori

Key Terms: Catharsis & Shamanism

You know you are at a special place when life feels like a precipice and you cry at the drop of a dime. Everything is real and sensitive to the touch, memories of those who have crossed my path are inside my skin as if they live there, both in good and bad, but mostly goodness in their spirits, each one is filling me, hugging me, holding me and rocking me a lullaby to safety.
I am not alone and I know who I am! 
In celebration, I offer my readers a public prayer.

 “I am a Shaman and I am not.
Just human.
I need you to stand with me as I face the decisions that will no doubt impact my life
I call to you, my Spirit Guides to console me while I let go of pain and disappointment
My house, that is no longer, I’ve wept you too long.
I’m letting go of loss and the fight.
I stand before you, but my knees are still healing—
I’ve recognized and accept my shadow side and have interrogated my refusal to believe
My imperfection is perfect.
Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of my children.
Thank you for forgiveness and compassion.
Thank you for protecting me.
My prayer to you this morning is filled with gratitude and dare I say hope?
I am filling with the nectar of resilience!
I know now that I am Shaman.
So guide me and trust me, for it is time.
Teach me but let me lead.”