Authentic Presence and Freedom

I want us to practice authenticity and freedom together. I want us to experience love and acceptance and I want us to channel our energy in ways that can transform our consciousness and the world around us. All human beings are made up of mind, body and spirit and when these three aspects of our being come together to work in unison, we experience authenticity and freedom. Through the practice of Authentic Presence and Freedom, we can transform our consciousness and make a movement in the world together.  We can make space for something new.

Authenticity is both a state of being and the act of sharing.  It is the totality of self projected into the world to reveal the natural beauty of our uniqueness. If it were left up to our mind and body, we would never choose to project our authentic self into the world because we often perceive the world as being unsafe and our body retracts accordingly. Through awareness of our integral Spirit Consciousness, we experience faith and trust that we have been perfectly designed to fulfill a unique life purpose. Through Spirit Consciousness, we can reveal our authentic selves in every day practice and we trust that in doing so, we will not only be okay, but we fall into a state of love and acceptance for our humanity. This is the foundation for a future consciousness that will lead us to transform our world into a place where our structures and social norms reflect a value for all life.

When we choose to practice authenticity and freedom together, we begin the process of letting go, of allowing the full reveal of the totality of our self.  We do this through the guidance of Spirit Consciousness, which teaches us that we are all connected and we all belong to this benevolent life force.

Authentic Presence is where honest relationships are formed. The initial experience of self-love and self-acceptance coupled with the willingness to engage in honest relationship with another is the ultimate expression of Freedom in society.  The more we engage in Authentic Presence, the more we are opening the door for self-actualization, inspiration and imagination. All of this leads to Agency, which is paramount to having an impact in the world that matters. Especially now when there is widespread discontent we must concern ourselves with this notion of Agency. Agency is the belief we can make a difference, it is the impetus behind how we move and influence matters in the world that can redefine the future and shape the evolution of humanity. When what we do is rooted in Authentic Presence and Freedom, then the future of our world will be a reflection of this positive energy.

There is joy and there is great struggle in the every day practice of Authentic Presence and Freedom. We live in a society that is a function of an old social order and consciousness. Our current social structures and norms of behavior are a manifestation of survival level consciousness based on fear, scarcity and rivalry. We are now emerging into a new consciousness that is characterized by love, abundance, collectivism and a deep regard for preserving our earth and humanity.

When you take the time to tune into this consciousness through deep reflection, meditation and openness to listening to the voices of others; you will find there a deep yearning in yourself to move into a new space.  This along with forces in society is driving us to take very seriously the practice of Authentic Presence and Freedom.  It is only when we choose to engage in the practice that we can break down the old order and work together to build a new society with new social norms that are reflective of our emerging Spirit Consciousness.

The struggle and the heightening of our awareness of what is happening is very real. For example, when we attempt to practice authenticity and freedom we experience the outpouring of conflicting and uncontrollable emotions or erratic behaviors. This is a function of the great release. Most of us have accumulated years and years of suppressing our authentic selves and acting within a limited, individualistic world-view. The great release is the great letting go of ego and false notions of self that shake our inner core deeply. We have to be prepared for this as Authentic Presence and Freedom will force us to confront our intimate thoughts and question our use of language to communicate that may or may not be in alignment with our authentic self and purpose. We will reconsider the nature of our relationships and analyze how we have often misdirected or diffused our energy. The great release moves us into a complete state of vulnerability and feeling that we are at a loss of control.  This all happens as your authentic self jettisons out into the world in erratic spurts, with no idea how this is going to impact others or situations in the universe. You may ask, how long does it take for the world around you to catch up with your growth and heightened sensibilities?

In this practice, you will feel attracted to specific people who are on a similar pathway who are put in place through your own manifestation of the world you wish to create. These occurrences may pull you out of your traditional social circle or comfort zone. Your willingness to engage authentically and with full freedom with new people attracted to you at the Spirit level, is an essential element to this practice.

Yes. I want us to practice authenticity and freedom together. I want us to experience love and acceptance and I want us to channel our energy in ways that can transform our consciousness and the world around us. There is great joy and promise in the practice and you need to know it requires an enormous amount of energy. Most of us have been socialized to believe we can experience authenticity and freedom through mindfulness, prayer and meditation or personally rewarding and individualistic pursuits. While this may move you into new discoveries, you will find that if you want to change the world for the better, we must move into communion with others.  We must share our thoughts, our language, our relationship and our energy with others who share a life purpose because all large social movements are a result of the ability of individuals to come together, to amass the amount of energy needed to transform the world through very deliberate and specific real-world practices.

In other words, the practice of authenticity and freedom means nothing if it does not impact the outside world in some way that really matters. The potential of human beings in the social-political and cultural space becomes realized when two or more people practice Authentic Presence and Freedom and learn through it to love and accept the full totality of who we are. Love and acceptance is the source of all creation, all innovation, all evolution.  These are the drivers behind our evolutionary consciousness and the practice of authenticity and freedom is indeed central to this process.