Sitting Meditation

 I don’t want to do anything but sit.
 My mind shifts to empty.
 A far-away screen opens and
 I see images scatter and drift.
 There’s nothingness and nothing.
 Not wanting.
 And yet, you appear
 In the precise curve of my back.
 Thoughts feel heavy.
 I’m not interested in solving problems
 Or sorting out the past.
 Future reality.
 Just sitting.
 Finding pleasure in the moment.
 From my corner of the world
 Loving silence is here.
 Ripeness and fulfillment.
 Thoughtless thoughts.
 Inner knowing.
 Space is near.
 I can just be.
 With you, if I wish. 

2 responses to “Sitting Meditation”

  1. Nerissa Marisol Rivers-Lawrence Avatar
    Nerissa Marisol Rivers-Lawrence

    Thoughtful and well written.

  2. Rewa Chisholm Avatar
    Rewa Chisholm

    snap snap – This deserves and 90’s Love Jones snap!!!!