How Mind Works, How Love Works

My mind is empty and there is emptiness today. It’s one big void. I find pleasure in this emptiness because it’s rare and refreshing. Yet, I also feel sadness. Who am I and where am I going? So, I float wondering.

An empty mind is unusual. Often, the mind is filled up with words and images. That is the mind on the ordinary day. The world will stimulate the mind to keep working labeling everything. That’s how we try to make sense of things. This is the mind without meditation.

When the mind is filled with words and images life feels eventful and entertaining. It’s like having a movie on hand every day. It goes on by itself like an automatic tape. It can be a romance one day or a tragedy. I don’t like horror movies but sometimes the mind can be that terrifying. It can fill up with horrible words and ugly images and I’m afraid. Have you ever had the experience of being trapped in a horror movie? Most of us prefer a good sexy romance but even that can go astray when we fixate, doubt love or hallucinate.

Osho says that if you’re really in love then presence is felt and language is not. So when two lovers are in an intimate relationship, they become silent. He says when love is living, words are not because the very existence of love is so overwhelming, so penetrating, that the barrier is crossed, the barrier of language and words. Then he goes on to say that meditation is like that, it’s a love relationship with total existence, with all that surrounds you and when you are in this love situation, you are silent, the mind is still.

I have experienced love in this deep way with another human being, like a total penetration that goes beyond words and language. I’ve also felt something akin to this in meditation but its brief and there’s something different about it. I wonder if I will experience this overwhelming sense of love with existence more so over time.

I think maybe there’s a reason we focus our time and energy on love with other human beings. Maybe it’s because it seems to last longer. There’s also the possibility of love making and that’s a beautiful thing! Making love is the ultimate fusion. It’s profound depth, loving kindness and silence together penetrating the physical form. Maybe this is why we come to earth and reside in a human body to make love.

I’m not suggesting we don’t experience love in aloneness and meditation. I’m just thinking that perhaps we’re here precisely for the work of transmuting spiritual experience into the material world through our physical form, with less mind and fewer words.

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  1. Michael and Barb Parsons Avatar
    Michael and Barb Parsons

    Very introspective and accurate. Thanks for including us. Hope to see you at some time in the near future.
    BJP & MP


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