Prana Water Meditation

20 minutes: This meditation is a powerful tool to help you get you in touch with the natural pattern of your breath and manage the flow of energy throughout your body.

Voice Over Raquel Ríos, Music Production by MVR

Regular practice of this meditation can help you revitalize each cell and organ in your body by releasing emotions and learning to trust the flow of breath as an anchor to your soul.

By paying attention to each inhale and exhale, you begin to move your mind, body and spirit into a state of acceptance and relaxation.

Prana is the life force through the breath and the water element teaches us the ebb and flow of human experience. By connecting to prana and the water element, we are accepting and appreciating the depth and buoyancy of our sacred being, allowing our emotions to flow in and out, like the breath, in and out of our body, so that we are unrestricted and healthy.


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