Dear Ukraine

My heart bursts in flames for your suffering. It’s impossible for those of you on the front lines of war to see how the world is recoiled in pain. We cry even while we recognize that your suffering is greatest of all. Ukraine is a vital organ in our body and the injury is burning. Please forgive me for I’m not running from my home or watching my brothers and sisters die on the street, but can you possibly believe that you are not alone, that we are here with you languishing?

We are here ! bearing witness ! watching live streams and hearing things. We’re living this terror again and again and it caves into our heart; the fumes of separating families. What great sadness is now! How much more can we take? This steady barrage of fear, death, dominance and economic instability. Is this what we have to show for our collective humanity? How can we pay attention to love and empathy when we are down on our knees? How can we even think to find meaning in this suffering? How should I act or think?

Dear, Dear Ukraine! I am so sorry for your pain and grief. Please know you are not alone. Please know we are asking the same things, like: where are the hundreds and millions of troops protecting families? We, the ones with simple and ordinary lives, the people like me and you want to know: when will this suffering end? Will we ever feel safe at home again?

I am sad and ashamed that yet again another million people are displaced. I feel helpless while praying, sitting still in the quiet light of grace. I beg you for forgiveness, that this is all I have to say… Please know, Dear Ukraine. Please know that so many of us are here, with you, knowing full well what its like to lose home, to watch a beloved disappear or walk away forcefully. Please know, that your suffering is our suffering and that this war is a global wound, being torn open again and again.

I am nobody, I know. But, I’m sitting here…every day… with you in my thoughts, in the light of grace and I just need to tell you that I’m suffering with you ! and I will not rest until you find home again.


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