Our Light World

For John

Think of yourself as a lightbulb, a vessel, a generator of light. You’re round, fragile and require electricity. The amount of light you have depends on wattage, voltage and frequency. In human speak, we’re talking about presence and your capacity to illuminate reality. The human light bulb is a clever device indeed!

We generate light by tapping into electricity. Electricity comes from specific human activities. We can choose light generating activities with a basic understanding of our inner and outer workings. In brief, each of us is made of three equal parts that are interdependent and unique. There is Mind, related to thoughts and reasoning. There is Body, related to health and biology. And there is Spirit, related to intuition and creativity. Each activity you choose channels energy to one or more of these three; and the quality and regularity of your activities determine the power of your light frequency.

All human beings have the capacity to produce light and to illuminate abundantly. The good news is that when we engage in light generating activities, we’re not feeling like we’re working hard or waiting to experience joy at some moment in the future. Rather, light energy activity feels good and nourishing in the moment. In fact, that’s how you know if you’re tapping into light energy because is makes you feel happy and healthy. Think about the act of making love and the potential joy over time for development. Both are equally exultant.

Each one of us hand picks and chooses which activities are light generating. They are uniquely ours and personally fitting. The more we recognize and appreciate who we are in our totality—the more we choose activities that are light producing. In human speak, we are talking about choosing experiences that produce joy and healthy feelings which increase our lightness of being.

For example, some of my personal light energy activities include: reading, philosophizing and language learning which satisfy my Mind. Running, yoga and sex make my body feel strong and refreshed. Writing, painting and teaching enlarge my Spirit. As you see, some of my light energy activities embody more than one category which can make the experience intense and overpowering.

For this reason, in the smorgasbord of life, we practice how to metabolize, distribute and balance our energy. Each step of the process including balancing should be experienced as natural and healthy which is why we have a sense of humor. Think learning how to ride a bike or ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing, which involves another person’s energy can be tricky. Why? Because all human beings like light bulbs are round, fragile and require energy. So, there’s a difference between being alone and being in company. Trust yourself and honor what you need first to feel joyful, healthy and at peace. Your clever design will alert you to imbalances in light and frequency. The greater the risk, the greater the learning—the more light you will need. Choose aloneness and people wisely.

Abundant light energy is subtle and breathtaking. It is clarity. It is mystical familiarity and peace. Experiencing the luminosity of another person has such a warm and loving feeling! These interactions are profoundly life changing.

If you ever doubt your capacity and light frequency— recall that warmth that you gave and received. Recall that profound mystical feeling. Remember it with awe and just keep going.


4 responses to “Our Light World”

  1. lances88 Avatar

    To have pure awareness is to feel and acknowledge sensations generated by the 5 senses without creating a verbal/visual story out of it. For example, if you are mediating and feel air grazing on your arm, you will acknowledge the feeling without thinking “where did that come from? I wonder if the A.C. is on…” etc. Alternatively, you will simply just feel the sensation without judgement. If a visual image comes to mind after feeling the sensation, gently push it out of your mind. If you need a basic knowledge for beginners, I highjy recommend this guide – net-bossorg/mindfulness-by-julia-hanner

  2. donsalmon Avatar

    Raquel, this is fascinating – but I don’t quite fully get the experience of this. I have a feeling I’m reading it as an idea and missing the direct sensing/feeling of it.

    is there a mindfulness or awareness or sensing process you could describe with a bit more detail?

    it sounds like you’re describing something that shifts attention in a way to feel the earthy energy of running, yoga, sex, or whatever you’re doing, but I’m not sure…..

    1. Raquel Rios Avatar

      Thank you for reading. Thinking of ourselves as light energy is fascinating! When I pay attention to how I feel after certain activities, I become aware how some activities energize me while others feel draining. This awareness allows me to choose those activities that leave me feeling healthy and happy. When I feel good, energized and healthy– I find I’m in a much better position to love and be of service to others.

      1. donsalmon Avatar

        Ah, that’s very helpful.

        This morning, bouncing on my rebounder, I noticed that opening up to sensing the unbounded space around me went along with lightening energy.

        At the same time, as the sense of spaciousness increased, the solidity and hardness of objects and thoughts decreased, feeling as though the very body and visual objects and sounds and thoughts were themselves moving, light, radiant energy pulsing through space.,

        thank you.


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