Tree of Refuge

Anchored in my seat, feeding off
the warm, succulent energy of the cosmos
Breathing in sun, breathing out gentleness
Watering deep soil with rain and tormented sea

Eyes closed spark a fire
Light appears and waterfalls, then moist
A wide circle forms with all its nutrients
passing through the immaterial

Pressure rises
Abdomen moves like a baby
slipping into drowsy wakefulness
Milk curdles on lips and smiles

Earth rotates and patterns shift
observing and absorbing
A new spirit arrives and just listens
Trust everything

Soft cushion unbending
Fertile loins and loving generosity
Back erect, skin leathered and strong
face resting

Offering refuge

Giving shade and a cool breeze

Anchoring in my seat, I’m becoming
metamorphosis, leaves spread out
bearing fruit, alone and worthy
Wisdom falls

Replenishing with adoration and dignity
Filling up space with unheard treasure
Sky opens and a door explodes
Expansive enough


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