Finding The Way

Today in meditation, I am a shepherd. I open my eyes and remember my name. Raquel signifies ewe, meaning a female sheep. I think I am both: a shepherd and a sheep. What does this mean?

In mindfulness meditation, we often get images and thoughts that we can contemplate and apply to a life situation. In this case, I sense I am being tasked to protect and guide a flock to safety. Knowing the value of sheep, this job requires that I am healthy, alert and caring.

Sheep are innocent and vulnerable, soft and fluffy. They give warmth and their milk is nourishing. I like to think there is wisdom in grazing a pasture. All of the references of shepherd and sheep come to me in the moments following my meditation and I’m sifting through them, finding great satisfaction in the process.

In my current life sphere, I’m moving slowly, with a rod in my hand, watching over family. Family is a small intimate circle, whose circumference ripples outward, larger and larger, like when you throw a small stone and it hits the surface of the water.


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