One Small Step Toward Community

Every Sunday, I open my home to people in my international community for a meditation and sharing gathering. The experience is designed for those who are committed to strengthening the connection between personal meditation practice and positive action in the world. My goal is to create a welcoming and safe place for all those who want to participate; and in doing so, to affirm my commitment to building communities of practice. For me, this one small step moves in the right direction. It embodies everything I am and want for the world. Regularly opening my home to strangers has been a rewarding learning experience.

I’m learning that consistency matters and doing the work in your own home builds trust and intimacy. Consistency and opening the door to your private world to strangers are not easy lessons to learn, despite their importance. On some weekends other exciting events may arise that I’d like to attend, so I have to stay firm and keep to the task of creating space, regardless of the circumstance. This commitment to one small task is teaching me about the precious obligation of engaging in activities that we create for ourselves, for the people and things that matter.

Sharing my home requires that I’m prepared, clean and maintain an inviting and tidy space. I believe the environment reflects the dignity of our practice. Chögyam Trungpa writes about the magic of invoking external drala, emphasizing how we design and care for our environment. While I’ve always treated my home as a sanctuary, this new endeavor teaches me what it’s like to offer this private space to strangers. Participants have shared that attending a meditation gathering in the home of a teacher and practitioner feels different than going to a public venue. They express that it feels intimate and have shown gratitude for my willingness to share my personal world for their pleasure and benefit. For me, I see how the beautification of my space and practice increases each Sunday through our shared presence.

Over the years, I’ve held a broad vision for myself and my work. Now, I’m focusing on one small step along the path toward this vision. Initially, it may seem insignificant or small, like nothing at all. Yet, as I engage in the process, I recognize that the details of this one small step encompass the vastness of the entire vision. Within it, are all the essential components for success.

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