Imagine a personalized mindfulness course, designed just for You.

It makes life easier when you’re energized, balanced and equipped.

Mindfulness + Performance

I provide a customized, therapeutic experience designed to meet your specific needs. Our work together focuses on learning and practicing research-based strategies and techniques that reduce stress and anxiety, foster healing and enhance your performance in daily life and professional activities.


  • Meditation (Attention Focus Meditation, Open Awareness, Compassion, Sitting/Walking)
  • Body Scan
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Eating/Cooking
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Embodiment
  • Deep Listening


  • Self-Assessment & Refined Observation Tools
  • Visualization & Goal Setting
  • Shared-Inquiry
  • Application to Performance Tools (Academic Acheivement, Leading & Managing Others, Public Speaking, Team Building, Enhanced Relationships, Sports, Creative Arts)
  • Role Playing
  • Problem-Solving


Individual Sessions:

Receive one-on-one individualized support and instruction in person or on-line

EU Rates: 75€/ 2 hours

US Rates: $80/ 2 hours

*5 Session Discount Package: 250€/$250

Small Group Sessions:

Group instruction for up to 6 participants in person or on-line

EU Rates: 180€/ 2 hours

*5 Session Discount Package: 450€/ $400

*On-site training option available, contact for more information.

**All practices are research based and aligned to international standards in MBSR training.

***This is a non-clinical practice. It is not intended to treat individuals experiencing chronic depression and who may require psychiatric or medical attention.

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This experience has impacted me by learning how to be mindful about my life, self care, sustaining energy, compassion, and meditation practice. I learned how to slow down and embrace the “Me” time. Managing uncertain times, awareness, stress management plus letting go of the past..

Ritah Nabadda

Being part of a group which Raquel expertly and sensitively facilitated was so valuable in helping me see through my grief and losses in such a way that increased my capacity to exercise self care, kindness and self compassion, whilst as the same time respecting the suffering I was in.

John Arnold

I appreciated Raquel’s wisdom and gentle direction regarding many mindfulness practices, which re-jumpstarted a regular practice for me. I have tools to continue and new confidence.

Carolyn Havert

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